Feiyu Tech AK4500E Pro Dslr Gimbal 4.6Kg Payload


The new AK4500 is a monster 3-axis gimbal stabilizer that supports up to an impressive 10.4lb / 4.6kg payload and is designed with an angle motor arm that allows you to view your camera screen with ease, while providing 360° pan, 230° tilt, and 360° roll motion.

The AK4500E does not include the AKF2 Follow Focus or Motion Controller. If you would like those items, please purchase the AK4500KIT.


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Golden ratio leverage section design, exclusive for long lasting shooting.

The detachable golden ratio leverage section design allows the gimbal to reborn from ease of use and practicality, making the gimbal even more great! The double-form free switching not only increases the possibility of the gimbal in the play, but also makes the shooting do as your wishes.

All operations on one screen

The first one uses an LCD touch screen in the whole industry, makes it easy to operate without the phone app, taking control of your machine, anywhere, anytime. (Setting almost all parameters of gimbal and camera parameters directly through the LCD touch screen)

Automatically match the power without adjustment

Adopting the brand-new high-performance chip with intelligent anti-shake algorithm, the machine can automatically match the power with Feiyu’s exclusive automatic electrodeless super motor. Users can spend less time in adjusting the power of motor manually thus save energy and power.

Quick install without leveling

Double-layer quick install board design is initiated in the whole industry. Manfrotto standard design and Benro design gives you an extraordinary convenient experience. Use the same camera and lens, needn’t to level again.The unique quick installation system is designed with a secondary structure, compatible with the Manfrotto and the ARCA Swiss Type standard, which makes photographers to quickly change equipment. After leveling the camera, the camera can be quickly removed and installed without leveling again, improving the shooting efficiency and get extraordinary experience!

Three-axis lock button, detachable handle

Create the best detail experience: the motor is equipped with a lock button design, can be used to fix the three-axis when leveling and storage, to prevent shaking. The handle is detachable, saving storage space and carrying convenience.

Wire-controlled camera, stable and reliable

Suitable for a variety of mainstream cameras, support a wealth of peripheral equipment. Make photographer breaking through the limitations of the equipment and be more creative.

Exquisite Ingenious Craftsmanship

Beveled design allows for greater range of motion capture when shooting view.High-precision magnetic induction knob not only can control the focus and zoom but also can be used to control the high-precision rotation of the motor, giving you an extraordinary experience.Multi-function USB extension interface makes the expansion unlimited.

Focus-smooth and sensitive

AK4500 can follow the focus accurately with its multi-functional button and external wireless follow focus. It is adapted to Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Nikon and etc. The real-time follow focus can accurately adjust the picture and satisfy users’ requirement.

Inception mode

Support Inception mode in four ways, support user-defined speed and response quickly. Creating the strong visual impact and cinematic effect.

Shadow Hunter mode

One key for turning on the shadow hunter mode. Increasing the follow rate of motor in a short time, so that allowing the gimbal to achieve quick effect of transition and capture the fast moving moment. The eye-catching video can be made without complicated operation and post production.

Time-lapse shooting records the light and shadow

Different kinds of time-lapse shooting: static time-lapse, motion time-lapse, trajectory time-lapse… Take time as pigments, record light and shadow, AK4500 will show the beauty of time.


Download the FAQ Guide for the Feiyu-Tech AK4500E