Feiyu Tech Vimble2A GoPro Gimbal Stabilizer


The Vimble 2A is a three-axis gimbal specifically designed for action cameras. It features an 18cm extension rod, with enhanced control of shooting/recording/time-lapse, supports switching between landscape mode and portrait mode, and WiFi Connection. The Vimble 2A is definitely the best option for action camera users.

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Portable and Easy-to-Carry

Net weight 277g, the Vimble2 A is super lightweight and durable, and is considered as the lightest action camera gimbal on the market. Three-axes locks ensure the stability of gimbal. The package also comes with carrying bag for more convenient use.

Redefined Design for Action Camera Stability

The Vimble 2A is the best gimbal for action cameras that works with GoPro5/6/7/8. It is equipped with a dedicated Gopro quick release system which allows quick and easy installation of your camera.

More Intelligent WiFi Control

Through the WIFI connection of the camera, it is much easier for shooting/recording/time-lapse, etc. Automatic password saving helps you skip the complicated operation in connection.

Quick Mode Switching

Inclining the handle will quickly enter portrait mode. Suitable for diverse shooting requirements, including daily vlog and Tiktok creation.

Ergonomically Designed Grip

The ergonomic design of the gimbal handle is comfortable and easy to hold, reducing the stress to a large extent.

Multi-Functional APP

The FeiyuOn App supports motion time-lapse, customize trigger button and more personalized setting.

10 Hours Battery Life

The Vimble 2A is equipped with a 1300mAh battery which is rated for 10 hours. Long-lasting for the whole shooting process.


Download the FAQ Guide for the Feiyu-Tech Vimble 2A